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HuaRui-RF(Variable Frequency Split type)

Product features:

1. Small occupation space, no need to destroy the building structure, convenient installation, equipment early cost less;

2. Cooling and Heating: One machine can warm in winter and cool in summer, comfortable enjoyment;

3. Low Temperature: air jet enthalpy double rotor press, -30℃ ultra-low temperature efficient operation, no electrical auxiliary, energy saving;

4. Power failure automatic memory function, power automatic reply;

5. Scroll centrifugal fan, multi-gear adjustable, two-way air discharge;

6. R410A environmental refrigerant.

Scope of application:

Widely used in northern rural residential, ordinary buildings, hotels, offices, for room, bedroom, living room and other space separate heating.

HuaRui-RF(Variable Frequency Split type)
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HuaRui-RF(Variable Frequency Split type)


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