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  The Mechanical Processing Department, as one the most important parts of JRG Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd, has more than 70 sets of cold and hot processing equipment, including more than 40 high-end CNC processing equipment, among them there are gantry machining centers, vertical CNC lathes, horizontal boring and milling machining centers, five-axis machining centers, four-axis machining centers, medium-sized vertical machining centers, DMG CNC lathe imported from Germany, boring machines from Swiss , laser welder, argon arc welding machine ,as well as three-coordinate measuring equipment. Our processing capacity covers the fields of vacuum leak detection, semiconductor equipment, medical instruments, analytical instruments, medical packaging machines, etc. And we especially focus on the precision machining technology of vacuum cavity, core components for molecular pump and complex thin-walled high-negative pressure chamber; Multi-axis cutting precision machining technology for curved surface;Welding technology of complex welding combination cabin and molecular pump shell in semiconductor equipment,;Micron-level non-deformation processing technology for aluminum alloy materials; Mirror processing technology for core parts of scanning electron microscope. Besides, we have mastered the leading technology and advanced technology of heat treatment and surface treatment for supporting parts. And we can always provide all-round processing and supporting services for our customers.


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