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Design & Research & Development 

  Since its establishment in 2000, Jin Ruiguang has adhered to the enterprise spirit of "Honesty is the foundation and Innovation is the soul", taking technology research and development and talent training as the company's development goals, and has established a research and development team with high education background, rich experience and strong innovation ability.

  Regularly invite senior technical experts, organize online and offline professional training, and constantly improve the design and development level of the R&D team.

  After years of active and powerful R&D investment, we have achieved fruitful results in the R&D and design of product technology, and obtained many national patents. In the future, we will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic surgical research institutes, introduce technology, improve production and research capabilities, meet customer needs, and vigorously promote development!


Unity and Cooperation 

  "Adhere to unity and stability, work together to do business" is the core of Jinruiguang's corporate culture;

  Since the establishment of the company more than 20 years ago, the chairman of the company has always insisted the principle of "leading by example", not afraid of hard work, diligent and dedicated,often goes deep into the front line of production, leading JRG people to produce and practice together; In terms of life, JRG provides a good accommodation environment for employees and solves their difficulties in life; In such a cordial working and living atmosphere, the company's leaders are approachable, colleagues are enthusiastic about each other, sincere cooperation, the company is united and cooperative, the personal value of employees can be realized, and the enterprise continues to grow and develop.

The Spirit of Respecting Work & Professionalism 

  Jin Ruiguang always insisted

  "Pragmatic, truth-seeking, practical work, gratitude" eight-character business philosophy,

  Cultivate a team with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism,

  Dedication, excellence, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence

  Guided by customer needs and market development trends, supported by advanced technology and equipment,

  Pay attention to details, grasp quality, improve efficiency,

  Build and improve multi-level quality and service system,

  Provide customers with the best products and services in a timely and efficient manner,

  Promote the large-scale development of customers,

  Strive to achieve the win-win development goal of enterprises and customers.

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