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1. Modular design, according to the engineering heat needs to match 2~8 modules, suitable for various scale of the project;

2. -25℃ low temperature technology, can operate normally in -25℃ ultra-low temperature environment, in the cold region still bring you the enjoyment of the four seasons like spring;

3. Strong protection, advanced microcomputer control system safety protection function is complete, with powerful fault self-diagnosis function;

4. Using of imported compressor, high quality accessories, imported high efficiency scroll compressor, good stability, energy efficiency ratio up to 3.4, the use of domestic and foreign famous brand refrigeration accessories, so the unit performance is excellent, reliable operation;

5. High efficiency and energy saving, the unit and the load is always in the best match, energy saving, reflecting the concept of environmental protection;

6. Easy to operate, using all Chinese controller operation, simple maintenance;

7. Low noise, low running noise, small vibration, suitable for various types of engineering;

8. Excellent performance, refrigeration speed, winter low temperature heating performance is stable, intelligent cream quickly and thoroughly;

9. Low maintenance cost, unique structure of the unit, superior performance, convenient maintenance.

Scope of application:

Swimming pool, spa, hotel, villa, multi-storey, high-rise family apartment and other places that need hot/warm water

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