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The New Air Source Heat Pump Leads the Trend of The Times

Author:Beijing JRG ElectorMechanical Technology Developme Click: Time:2023-11-30 11:17:45

Air Source Heat Pumps: Heating advantages?

High energy saving efficiency

•Direct heating through electric energy, the efficiency is relatively low, one degree of electricity can only produce 1 heat energy, which is also one of the reasons for high electricity costs when air conditioning and electric heating are used in winter.

• The principle of air energy heat pump work is slightly different, through the low power to drive the compressor, absorb low-grade heat energy in the air, converted into high-grade heat energy, and then for indoor heating use, but also the compressor using jet enthalpy technology, only need to consume 1 degree of electricity can get more than one heat energy.

• Therefore, the air can generate the same amount of heat consumed by the heat pump

Very low, is very efficient energy saving heating equipment.

√High environmental protection and safety

• When the air energy heat pump works, it only consumes electric energy, and does not rely on non-renewable resources such as natural gas, coal, and oil, so there will be no open fire, no pollutant emissions, and it will not pollute the environment, and its environmental protection is high.

The power system of the air energy heat pump is concentrated in the outdoor unit, and the heat is transmitted to the room through water, so that water and electricity can be separated, and the room will not come into contact with the power supply, which has good safety. Compared with other heating equipment, it can avoid the risk of fire, explosion, poisoning, electric shock and so on.

• Even with fan coils Winter heating, indoor will not bring danger, indoor pipes In the water, there is leakage Will only wet the ceiling, but not fluorine air conditioning leakage refrigerant, so that the room fluoride content is too high,Personal safety is affected.

√Low cost of use

• Air energy heat pumps use 1 KWH of electricity to generate a fraction of the heat energy compared to air Harmonic electric heating can save 2/3 of the cost of use, compared with gas wall hanging furnace heating can also save 1/2 of the cost, compared with central heating can also be about 30% cheaper.

√High heating comfort

• The air energy heat pump mainly uses the water system to work, and the heating can be carried out through the fan coil, floor heating and radiator.In terms of comfort, the floor heating is the first place when there is no fast, the indoor temperature heat dissipation is uniform, the heat is transferred from low to high, the first hot foot and then the body, the temperature feeling of the warm foot and the cool top is the most comfortable heating program.

• Air energy heat pumps are also very comfortable when cooling in the summer

• Chilled water generated by the heat pump host is circulated to the indoor fan coil location for heat exchange and indoor temperature

Very constant, water system air conditioning outlet temperature is generally


√Wide range of use

• Air energy heat pumps use low electrical energy to absorb heat from the air, and can be used as long as there is electricity, water, and air

• Degrees above -25°C), not affected by light and energy, and less affected by the environment.The stronger the air can adapt to the ambient temperature of the heat pump, the better-25°C-43°C can be heated, which can meet the needs of most of the northern regions of our country, and the southern environment is easier to meet.

√Good stability

• Air conditioning is used for all cold. The refrigerant used by the air energy heat pump is fluoride, fluoride and water, the host is used in the position of fluoride, and water is used in the indoor part.

• Water is more inert and can retain heat for a longer time, and the heat absorbed by the air heat pump can be stored for a longer time, making the indoor temperature more constant.

√Intelligent and capable

• The air energy heat pump host has a microcomputer control, when debugging, set the required parameter configuration, the host will automatically adjust the water supply, heating, power off protection, water tank insulation and heating according to the outdoor temperature, indoor temperature and water temperature, without the need for complex operation control panel.

√Long service life

• The service life of air conditioning is about 12 years, the service life of gas water heater is about 8 years, the service life of gas wall hanging furnace can reach 15 years, but in the case of good gas quality and good water quality, otherwise the life of the equipment will be scrapped for a few years.

• The design life of the core components of the air energy heat pump is 15 years

Above, can cope with the impact of power aging and scale problems, of course, regular maintenance can also increase

The service life of the equipment.

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