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JRG Custom Air Source Heat Pump Exported to Serbia

Author:Beijing JRG ElectorMechanical Technology Developme Click: Time:2023-11-15 09:47:19

Global economic growth in 2023 shows signs of recovery. While some developed countries are still dealing with the aftereffects of COVID-19, global trade has gradually recovered and international cooperation and exchanges have been strengthened.

In recent years, China's foreign trade has further shown a good trend, among which, a series of commodities such as energy have gradually increased steadily to generate income, which also indicates that China's domestic economy has continued to pick up a good momentum increasingly apparent.

Taking the fast carriage of the steady development of the national trade economy, Hebei Jinruiguang New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. has reached a trade consensus and signed a trade contract with Serbia's intended customers after multi-party trade negotiations.

At 5pm on November 14, 2023, three sets of JRG air source hot water pumps were deployed from the company headquarters to the Zhejiang Yiwu transfer Port and sent to Serbia, and the follow-up work is steadily advancing.


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