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I’m planning to replace my gas boiler. Are heat pumps reliable?

Author:Beijing JRG ElectorMechanical Technology Developme Click: Time:2023-02-20 14:21:17
Heat pumps are based on techniques discovered in the 1850s, and various forms of heat pumps have been operating for more than 75 years.  
More than 17 million heat pumps are now used in Europe, and this is growing every year.  From the smallest units to large industrial installations, heat pumps operate through a refrigerant cycle which allows to capture and transfer energy from air, water and ground to provide heating, cooling and hot water. Due to its cyclical nature, this process can be repeated over and over again.  
The energy heat pumps use is clean and renewable. This is because it is from the air, water or the ground, using a small additional amount of driving energy, usually electricity, to turn it into heating, cooling and hot water. 

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