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YingRui-RBD(Fixed Frequency Heating/Cooling)

Product features:

1. Modular design, matching 2~8 module units according to the demand of engineering heat/cooling capacity, suitable for projects of various scales;

2, -35℃ low temperature technology, can operate normally in minus 35℃ ultra-low temperature environment, still bring you the enjoyment of the four seasons like spring in the cold region;

3, Strong protection, advanced microcomputer control system safety protection function is complete, with powerful fault self-diagnosis function;

4, High quality accessories, imported high efficiency scroll compressor, good stability, energy efficiency ratio up to 3.4; Adopt famous refrigeration accessories worldwide, having good performance and reliable operation;

5, High efficiency and energy saving, the unit and the load are always in the best matching, energy saving, reflecting the concept of environmental protection;

6, Easy operation, simple maintenance;

7, Low noise, low running noise, small vibration, suitable for various types of engineering;

Scope of application:

Club, office, villa, multi-storey, high-rise family apartment and other places that need air conditioning heating.

YingRui-RBD(Fixed Frequency Heating/Cooling)
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YingRui-RBD(Fixed Frequency Heating/Cooling)


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